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2019 Workshops


Fall 2019 Workshops

I am pleased to announce three fall workshops, of one day each. Both beginners and advanced students are welcome. These are in November in my studio.

There will be two watercolour workshop and one acrylic workshop.

Join me for an enjoyable, full-day workshop in the relaxed environment of my home and studio. I will teach my method of painting in shapes without drawing, using loose free washes and vibrant colour.

These are 1-day workshops. Workshops will be held on the following dates.

When & Where

Day-long workshops:  9:00AM to 4:00PM. Lunch will be included!

Watercolour Workshop

  • Saturday,  November 9th, or
  • Saturday,  November 23rd.

Acrylic Workshop

  • Saturday,  November 16th

Address: 133 Neville Park Blvd. (1 block west of Victoria Park Ave, North off Queen Street East–in the Toronto Beach area)

Time: 9:00-4pm 
  Phone: 416 698-0295

Email: elizabethberry@elizabethberry.com

Reserve a Spot

Cost: $150 per day plus HST. 
Lunch: included

To reserve a spot: A non-refundable payment in full of $169.50 (Credit Card accepted by email or phone 416 698-0295). Interact e-tansfers are also accepted.

Paint Supplies:   I will have all the paint supplies you need ( included in he cost of the Workshop.)  I will have paint boxes, brushes and paper for the Watercolour class and paint, brushes and canvases for the Acrylic Workshop.
The workshops are suitable for beginners as well as more advanced students.

I will demonstrate loose, free flowing, shape painting, colour mixing and a variety of brush strokes.

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