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Why These 3 things are Essential Before Every Art Show

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This past year I’ve painted over 80 original paintings. I’ve worked hard to prepare for my yearly show where I display new work in my home studio. Most of my new paintings are already here in my website gallery with still more to come. I realized that there really are 3 things that I find essential for my art show preparation and thought I would share this with you. I hope to see some of you in my home studio opening night October 23rd. More show dates and details here.

Great Photography for both Watercolour and Acrylic Paintings

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I begin to prepare in early August. I finish paintings and get them to my photographer. There are a few reasons why I want great photographs of my work.

#1 Accurate Representation

I want accurate photography so people can trust the images of my paintings when they see them on my website. Many people who cannot make it to my show -will buy online and I want to ensure they know what they are getting. I want the whites perfectly represented and the colours accurate. It takes time and I am fortunate to have a great photographer who understands how important this is to me.

#2 Accurate Recording for Reproduction

I don’t offer reproduction prints often, but when I do I want to ensure the reproduction is of the highest quality and this starts with a high quality photograph or scan. I want an accurate permanent record of my work.

Jesse is an expert at photographing my work and getting the exact colours. I’ve worked with him for a long time now. The first shoot this August was over 40 new paintings done this Spring and Summer. This takes time, but is well worth it.

This year I have photographed many acrylics on canvas which is a new medium for me. After he photographs the work we sit down together and review the colours and make some small changes to get the photos accurate.

You can see the new work photographed here online. You may notice that some photo’s need to be redone. Just part of the process of getting things right! Any images that aren’t quite right will be re-shot and re-uploaded to my site. Sometimes it takes more time to get things perfect.

My Studio: Light and Space for Showing my Art

studio easl
My studio makes a wonderful gallery. It is very spacious and full of light. This is essential to show the range of colours accurately so people can truly imagine how a piece might look in their home.

The whites in my watercolours such as white tulips and white roses, the sailboats and the Birch forests all come alive when displayed in a well lit environment.

By contrast -the more vibrant paintings of poppies, delphinium, flower markets and my Acrylics on Canvas really pop when given the space and light to shine.

I’m particularly excited to see my Acrylics on the wall this year as these are new for me! I’ve only had the chance to show them in the Bahamas so far and am excited to show them in Toronto soon (see dates here). You can see the ones already photographed in my online gallery here.

Quality Framing of my Art

1I believe in quality framing – it enhances the artwork visually and creates a better overall effect for the entire show. I use a local Framing Gallery – Incurable Collector on Queen Street East near my Studio. Jose and Anna are wonderful and very professional. I’ve such confidence in them that I send them many customers who buy my work unframed.

I use very simple brown black or white wood frames. To my taste the wood is better than metal because it can be neutral and glare-free. I float the paintings within the opening of the matts to give more white space around the painting and to show the edges of the watercolour paper. I am not framing the new acrylics on canvas since the painting wraps around the edges.

These are three essential things that I must do for every home studio art show.

Great Photography. I use these photos for quality records, accurate representation for buyers who cannot see the work in person and for any reproduction. Quality photography is essential for my Art and for every Art Show preparation.

You can find Jesse here: www.jesseboles.com

Great Lighting & Space for Displaying.
Its essential for me to show my art in a way that allows people to see colours accurately. For this I need to have great lighting. I also need to have enough space to allow people to really take in a piece of art and enjoy it on it’s own. In it’s own space.

Quality Framing. I carefully select frames that enhance my art and I have the work done by careful professionals.

I’ve got one more painting trip before my show starts October 23rd to 25th. I will be painting on location in the Algonquin area, the last week of September, weather permitting, I get to the Oxtongue rapids and the Northern Lakes in full autumn colour. You can look forward to seeing these paintings at my show. There is a full year of preparation for my annual art show in the Fall. There is a lot of preparation, but it’s well worth it to me. Painting is my life. Hope to see you at the show!

You can see my New Works Online Gallery here.

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