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Tips for Painting while Traveling: Part 2

Accept Invitations to Stay in Peoples’ Homes around the World

Painting Title: Le Sauve


Many people who have my paintings offer me accommodation in their beautiful homes in foreign places. They want to share their sense of beauty with me.

Toronto friends and customers have an old stone farmhouse South of Bordeaux in the South of France. I stayed there two years ago and explored the French countryside in this area. I painted the vineyards, sunflower fields and old villages.  I did a painting of their farmhouse which I gave to them.

Confirm your Departure Date

I was invited to stay with friends on their islands in Georgian Bay. It was wonderful subject matter with windswept pine islands close to their islands.  After 5 days I began to feel that I should ask about my departure. Sure enough my hostess was also wondering when I would leave.

Ask when you arrive if you have nowhere to stay

Painting: Go Home Bay
I had a guide who took me by boat out from King’s Bay Marina at Twelve Mile Bay Road last August to the beautiful Georgian Bay islands to paint. There are no hotels or accommodation in that area. I asked him if he had any suggestions and he offered me one of several cottages on his family islands to stay. Over the next few days he dropped me at islands where the Group of Seven had painted.

Once I took a train from Amsterdam to Dutch countryside near Kukenhoff in early May. I Saw with amazement the fields of tulips and blue hyacinths. However, because of the Van Gogh Show there was no accommodation. I found a wreck of a hotel that offered me an attic room. The hotel was in disrepair and no other rooms were available- there was only a camping area around the hotel. My attic room was a stark room with cracked ceilings There were no other hotel guests. During the day I rode a bicycle to the tulip fields and painted. I got permission from farmers to paint in their fields full of amazing colour.

Be open to Suggestions of Painting Places

Painting Title: Street to the Bay Harbour Island
unnamed (1)

25 years ago a couple came to my studio to look at my work because they had read a magazine article about me and my art.. They bought two of my Toronto paintings. They said they knew an island in the Bahamas that would suit my painting style Within 3 weeks I was there. I fell in love with Harbour Island immediately and have been going each year for 25 years.

Change accommodation if necessary

Painting Title: Tom, Maurice & Emily

I stayed in a hotel in the village on Harbour Island. I could not sleep as the roosters crow around 4am. The next day I found a hotel on the ocean side where the roosters don’t hang out because of the winds. The hotel owner there became a friend and promoter of my art.

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