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Tips for Painting while Traveling: Part 1


Here are 5 Tips I’ve Learned about Traveling and Painting


On my trips to Europe I often travel alone on trains.

English Village - AmberleyIt’s important to keep my equipment as light as possible so I take 20-30 quarter sheets of watercolour paper 11x15inches in a cardboard folder. I have a second empty folder for painting on location.  I take 2 small Winsor Newton travelling paint sets filled with my own favourite colours. They fold up very small and you can hook the lid on to hold water. I also take 1 fold up stool that fits in my small suitcase, tubes of paint and 2 brushes.
All this fits in one small suitcase with wheels and clothes are kept to a minimum!
Mykonos - Poppies near the hotel


Choosing a hotel from Canada is difficult.

The pre booked hotel I booked in Mykonos was up in the hills and not close to a fishing village., but the hills were full of poppies. Go with the flow I say! I took taxis down to the harbour and boats and walked 5 minutes from my hotel for poppy compositions.

Rooms with a view are desirable -of course.  I had a great room in the south of France in Collioure where I did several paintings from the window looking down to the harbour and over rooftops. I booked a hotel in Venice with a partial view but I had to stick my head quite far out to see anything so I went to the front desk and; for more money, I moved to a room looking out to the gondolas. It was wonderful on the rainy days (most Days), but I pushed open the shutters and painted the colourful umbrellas and people crossing the small bridge below my window.

Have a contact

At the last minute when I travelled to Italy my neighbour gave me a contact in a small Tuscan village of Montisi. After I painted in Venice and Cinque Terra on the Almalfi coast my contact’s daughter was going to pick me up at a train station in the middle of Tuscany and they found me a pleasant B&B with a swimming pool.
Rom with a View, - Venice
My contact and family invited me to the village for lunch with jugs of local wine and lots of singing in Italian. I was introduced to an English artist who lived in the village and was invited to a dinner party hosted by a hot air balloonist and his artist wife who were English. This all happened because of my friends introduction.

Return to familiar places

There are places I have returned to many times.

The beautiful thatched village of Amberley in West Sussex England my son, husband and   I lived there in the early nineties and I returned for many years. Recently I returned and stayed with a friend in her thatched cottage.
I have been several times to Edgartown in Martha’s Vineyard. Late June is great with sailboats lighthouse and hydrangea and roses.

Go to an unknown place with no hotel booking

On my second trip to Yorkshire I went alone. I had no destination or hotel. At the last minute a neighbour suggested a town of Bakewell. A taxi took me from the airport towards Bakewell but I never got to Bakewell. I saw a dear English village on the way called Ashford on the Water. I asked the taxi to pull over and let me out at the village pub where I got a room. Derbyshire village was one of the first 2 posters of over 30 posters published that I had published later by by Posters International.

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